Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wesak Celebration In Bangkok

Wesak Celebration at Wat Chana Songkhram in Chak Krahong Rd., Bangkok. And the Grand Palace in Sanam Chai Rd., Bangkok.

A devotee praying at the Wat Chana Songkhram in Chak Kraphong Rd.

Devotee offering food during the Wesak celebration.

Wesak day- Grand Palace in Bangkok. Things that you can see in the Grand Palace in Sanam Chai Rd., Bangkok.
The Wesak celebration in Bangkok is not the same as what we have in Malaysia

Wesak day has always been a joyful celebration. In Bangkok can’t see those oil lamps during Wesak celebration.
The Royal Monastery of The Emerald Buddha that you cannot miss. One of the most venerated sites in Thailand where people convene to pray respect to the Lord Buddha and His Teachings.
What happened when the princess was on her way. Picture taking was actually forbidden.


Anonymous said...

Bangkok temples have their own wesak day celebrations which are not necessarily the same over here. But one thing I noticed that lotus flowers are used by the devotees here too.

Falcon said...

Nice Pics...

Anonymous said...

i was there on that day!!

Shuttertalk said...

is it. anonymous, your blog pls.