Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Who is Sabrina Quigley?

Sabrina Quigley. The “Quigley” come about because of the Hakka girl’s penchant for doing thing fast, even talking. People she knows used to tease her for being “quickie” person. It some how became a “quick, quick, quigley” ditty in her mind.
Sabrina's real name is Chin Choke Wan.
Sabrian Quigley poses with Volvo S40-Exterior Design: The body kit, trunk lid spoiler or front grille.Sab used to get around in taxis and confesses she doesn’t know how to use buses and the LRT.
Sab standing at 5’4”, she is petite, and looks beautiful and sexy. The 23-year-old freelancer has been on the modeling scene for two years, the personal brand has carried her far.
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