Monday, June 29, 2009

A day with Singer Winnie Kok

After half a year's break from Motoring assignment, I hope I still have what it takes for this task. Get a copy of The Star Motoring today. Winnie Kok was surprised with the Peugeot 308 Turbo, the interrior came with a combination of black and silver, which are her two favourite colours. "As I already have three Mandarin albums, I wanted to have a Malay album with a few Indonesian titles." Asia Bagus! former champion Winnie Kok. "When the Indonesians hear me, Thay will know that I am not a local. Thay know that I am from Mah-Ley-Siah ( Malaysia)," Winnie Kok says.The silver Peugeot 308 Turbo acceleration is vary good for a 1.6-litre car and a price tag of RM 111,000, easily makes it very reasonnable for a car with this type of performance.As you usual the photographer takes the opportunity to pose with Winnie Kok and the lovely Silver Peugeot 308 turbo.

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