Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Modern Family Portraiture.

Mr How called me earlier this month for a special family portrait. I was really glad to be given the opportunity to work with such down-to-earth family. It's fun to be able to work with the How family. They are so natural with the camera and it's fun working with a group of people who are so open to ideas. The best part is, I learned a thing or two from the How children too ;)

What's your natural high?This picture is one of my favourite shots for the session. For those in Penang who are need a photographer for their Pre-wedding, Wedding Reception or Modern Family Portrait, I will be there on 01 to 06 of October 2009. Book your dates now!

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Seizhin said...

Wow, whenever I visits your blog, I'm always impressed at the quality of the picture you take. Makes me feel like sobbing... haha