Saturday, June 11, 2011

YES: We're Reinventing the mobile Phone with YES Life

YTL communications launched the Yes Life for iOS application last month at National Geographic in Lot 10.

The evening started with a presentation by its Executive Chairman Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, He talk about 26 characters “from 14th century onwards, the West expanded and subsequently conquered the world 26 Roman alphabets. They brought about the Enlightenment, scientific and industrial revolution, and world imperialism-even invading China in the process.

Again, notably, western expansion coincided with the invention of modern printing by Johannes Gutanberg in the 1440s. He gave the world-books! Including the world’s first printed Bible.” And etc.

Francis is very passionate about Yes 4G Mobile Internet he is very nice, humble and down to earth guy. And YTL Comms CEO Wing K. Lee shows us the live demo of Yes Life app for iOS devices in ipad 2, he also a down to earth guy, that going to every table to shake hands and talk to us and he read all our tweets, FB status and blogs too.

The Yes 4G Android smartphone is already here in down, Wing is currently testing it out, but he didn’t show it to us that night.

Yes 4G has been innovations the industry, faster mobile internet with voice. Amazing things happens when u said Yes and download Yeslife. Experience uninterrupted FaceTime or Skype on the North-South highway, stream HD videos for you and your kids in the car all the way from KL to Penang , turn your Apple products into an efficient, complete mobile office and call and SMS on your iPad or ipod touch at lowest rates of 9 sen per-minute.

Great event is only complete with great food, the great dinner seve by National Geographic Store and Cafe.

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