Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oktoberfest @ Teeq

Some 500 people many of them holding mugs filled with beer, had a rollicking time at the launched of Oktoberfest celebration at Teeq Brasserie in Lot 10 , Kuala Lumpur.

 Gussets not only enjoyed good beer but sumptuous food such as Roast Chicken wing with spices, Lamb leg with rose mary garlic, Cumberland sausage and more from Oktoberfest BBQ menu.
Participate enjoy themselves during the night.
Cleopatra Tan of Teeq Brasserie said this is the first such of promotion and celebration was held. The promotion is held from 17 September for a month until 13 October.  

 “Such the celebration was a great opportunity to highlight German culture and traditions to the locals.” The guest can enjoy the Carlsberg beer form as low as RM 5” She added.
some models dressed in eye-catching Bavarian Outfits post with the beer Carlsberg Oktoberfest mug
The merry event, jam-packed with exciting activates on Wednesday until Saturday, such as Stein Holding, Fastest Drinker, Beer Pong and 5 on 5 drinking competition from 5pm to 10pm except Sunday will be form 12pm onwards.
Fastest Drinker competition
In “Stein Holding” a participate have to hold them stein for as long as they could, stein will be filled with water, the participate must hold with arm fully extended perpendicular to their body, as soon as arm falls and stein breaks plane participate is out, last one standing wins.
Stein Holding competition
As part form the live band performance the party goers also had the chance to participate in Oktoberfest games like this during the event last Friday.
Dive instructor Sam Ong said: “I am always looking forward to such event as I am a fun of the German Culture. “ Plus it always gives me a good reason to have a drink and German food together with friends. “

 The guests also took the opportunity to snap photo with some models dressed in eye-catching Bavarian Outfits. It will be definitely an annually event for Teeq.

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