Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Theme: “Street Photography”

Photography is all about sharing, having fun and be crazy.

The Trainer post with a group of photography enthusiasts that participated in Saturday photography workshop. By Mohd Hafiz
I share with all the participants about what make photography really good by not simply rely on the point and shoot method of photography

Certificate was presented to participants after Brian M Photography Workshop. By Mohd Hafiz
This time I share about “Street Photography” is because I want them to lean some of my experience and knowledge that can apply when they go travel. Is about to shot something that is very interesting, perhaps something that they never seen before or they think others haven’t seen before. Later show it to their love ones and friends back home, or share it in social media. 

In just 3 hours I share with them about Air Photography, Land Photography and Underwater Photography, 3 method of photography in 1 class.

Applying there three principals at once, You get the " Good UW pictures guideline" which says, get close, get low, shoot upward and use strobe.
Finally I want to thanks to all the participants that attended and spend a lovely Saturday afternoon at the Photography Workshop held at YMCA in Kuala Lumpur.

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