Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Professional Photographer working experience

The theme of ‘Street Photography” was share during the workshop on early last month.
The Instructor in action. By Mohd Hafiz
I share with them the important elements how to conduct a creative and fun photography.
The instructor share with the participated the photography is all about sharing having fun and be crazy. By Mohd Hafiz.  
And be professionalism means, The student expect you to have expert in photography knowledge about conducting a photo opportunity, they expect you to have good judgment and experience, as a professional photographer must dress and act like a professional, and to have good interpersonal skills that make you someone who makes photography very fun.
A family that love street photography so much, Carmela M Nair and her daughter Diveena Nair. By Brian Moh.
I also share one of the simple rule was shoot first then you ask. During the workshop I also share with the Participants my recent work during my diving trip at Puetro Galera in The Philippines.

After an hour class room at YMCA KL , we gone down to Petaling Street to conduct some great street photographs.

Finally I want to thank all the participants that they have spent their lovely Saturday afternoon with me.
The instructor posted with a group of photography enthusiasts after a great photography workshop in YMCA Kuala Lumpur. By Mohd Hafiz.

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