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Life of a PADI Divemster

The PADI Dive Master in action at Boracay Island in Philippines.
A day working life as a PADI Divemaster.
Scuba diving is an activity that I love to do, besides being a professional photojournalist. I usually waking up early to do some round of swimming, have my breakfast and a cup of tea with calamansi before I make my way down to the dive centre.
Then I will find out that how many divers will dive with me on that day, One of the first things I learn to accept all the divers as they are, the I adapt my supervison tchniques to meet their needs. Then I start with dive briefing, I brief them about the story behind the dive site name, my role, how to minimize disturbing aquatic life and the environment during their dive.
Day passes so fast our 3 dives done, then I bring out my dive computer and help to sign divers log books, while we doing that normally we share a lot of stories, our experience and make common jokes.  After that many of us has become friends and ended up unwinding ourselves with some beer at the point pub to make our day an awesome one. 
Fine test for Open water diving course.
When and where I start diving?
I had always tempted want do lean scuba diving since young.  Because of timing that not right, until four years ago. I was assign to an assignment in Pulau Tioman to cover 1Malaysia corals cleaning projects.
During this trip, I observed divers doing underwater to execute conservation activities. The frustration of not being able to participate in this event triggered a desire in me.
After the trip, I rapidly begin my search for more and in due time I was connected to Sam Ong a PADI OWSI Instructor. We undergo series of PADI Open Water Course training, after that visited Pualu Pangkor is an island off the coast of Perak in north-west peninsular Malaysia for my first dive. My first dive at Pulau Sembilan dive site, the visibility was very poor, but that was sufficient to make me excited about underwater world, not only excited about it but I have addicted on it since then.
A celebration after completed a one month long PADI Dive Master journey, to give thanks to all the PADI instructors and Asia Divers staff at El Galleon Diving Resorts
When and where did I become a PADI Divemaster?
I began my PADI Divemaster Course in 2013 with a bunch of very experience Instructor form Asia Divers at Puerto Galera in Philippines. Very lucky that I have Allison Manis a PADI IDC Staff Instructor as my Divemaster course instructor, she is one of the best trainer at Asia Divers. 
What made me choose to become a PADI Professional?
I am a photographer for past fifteen years, I constantly questioned my competence as I am did not possess a professional qualification. To me the term ‘professional photographer” is rather ambiguous, there are no assigned rules as to what makes a photographer professional. Feeling that I has been doing the same kind of work for more than a decade.
It is my dream to become PADI professional, Scuba diving is so much fun. Not only that I can learn a lot more and showing others how fantastic that I am doing. As a PADI professional I join the ranks of the global PADI organization. Not only that, I can enjoy PADI benefits that include access to PADI educational, marketing materials, access to the PADI pros’ site, PADI publications and more.  

What highlights I recall form your PADI Divemaster course?
I did the intensive PADI Divemaster training in the relatively short time and especially in foreign land.  The course was no child’s play, to attain the qualification must undergo knowledge development, practical application and pass final exams and the 5 stringent swim test assesses the candidate’s physical competency.
Each of the swimming test is scored based on time and stamina. Like swimming 400 meters non-stop with no swimming aids, treading water for 15 minutes, swim 800 meters facedown without using the arms, tow a diver 100 meters non-stop at the surface and  finally, successfully complete an equipment exchange with a diver underwater. And the awesome thing is to getting to assist as an intern on the PADI courses. 
What dive locations on my bucket list and why?
That are a lot of great dive sites in my bucket list, I have seen photographs and heard from others divers that Maldives Island is a must go once in my life, it is not only because of their most romantic beaches in the world, it is host to some of the best dive sites and top diving locations in the world.
Boasting a plethora of stunning marine life like sharks, manta rays, breathtaking coral formations and brimming with exotic fish life, many of the best dive sites in the world are found in the Maldives.
Turtle tomb dive is one of the top 5 dive sites of the world, making it the most popular dive spot in Sipadan.
What has been the most memorable dive in my life?
The most memorable dive that I ever had was when I dive at Turtle Tomb in Sipadan Island, Malaysia with Sipadan Mabul Dive Resort. Is about 18m deep to the entrance to the Cave and is about 200m long tunnel that connecting Turtle Cavern with Turtle Tomb a small cave system which contains many turtle skeletons.
This is due to the great number of turtles that they simply enter the cave and are unable to find the exit. This is the world famous dive site, a special dive that every cave diver must see once in their life. 
What words of encouragement would me give to divers thinking of becoming a PADI Divemaster?
Real man should take up this challenge, is because you will get great experience form PADI education on diving, that will make you better scuba diver and able to helping others to dive safely.
Be an ambassador to over environmental and mother earth to share with others how important is our ocean planet. What’s next for me? PADI Instructor Development Course, naturally. 

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