Thursday, March 22, 2007


LAST week I attended a lunch at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, it was a press converence announcing Camelia and Adibah Noor as their guest artistes for the upcoming Secrtaries’ week.
Camelia , who is in the process of narrowing down songs for her 45-minute performance . “I will sing a few songs from my latest album, Mysticam , as well as songs from my older albums ,” Camelia said during the press conference.
Look forward to Camelia and Adibah's performance as they are planning a surprise for secretaries’ week.
After the PC ended the hotel presented The Marriott Chef’s Buffet Lunch. We were seated at a long table, I excused myself from the table for a photo shoot with both of the artistes, but when I came back from the shoot, I was shocked to see someone had already taken over my seat. Not to cause any trouble, I just leave things as it is.Then I found myself another seat to enjoy my lunch.
The hotel served various type of food ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Western and Asian kitchens as well as a wide selection of mouth-watering dessert.
However, the incident started just as I was about to enjoy my lunch. We were seated at a fine dining table, your drinking water is always on your right and the baby plate is alwayon your left! All of the sudden, this guy sitting next to me conveniently grabbed hold of my glass of drinking water, which was situated on his left hand side and washed his hands with the water! Has he lost his mind? It's so absurd for someone to be so inconsiderate.
I was speechless and was only able to look at him in despair. I didn't even manage to finish my meal because the whole incident ruined all the good vibes.
Here I am, sharing my bitter experience, hoping my fellow Malaysians learn to be sensible enough and to do such a thing in public places, especially in a hotel function. It's acceptable if you're in a warung or at the comfort of your own home. If you really need water too, asking don't do no harm.
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april said...

woah.. u use back his water and wash your hands lor. kekeke..

brian said...

eee.. i think his glass of water must be berminyak. sides, not gonna go down to his level hahaha...